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Ion Even feel safe In My own Place

Published 06/22/2013 by vikkilarose

Not lost for words bt Lost for Words…. One thing after another #Tragic…. Never ending As I Scroll through the newsfeeds of My Fbook Wall. Today Somebody love one was hurt badly at the walmart super-center Area in Greenville North Carolina The City I’ve been living in for 10yrs now, A place where my Mother move me to, to feel safe and secure as well to better herself. I Mean is it safe to breathe Na I dont think so. This world is becoming into many things We May not bare. As I Get through my Day its like nothing ever happen B/c God had his Angels above my friends and family and I. I Pray that everybody Was Okay and not more happen to them. I wish I can express my Life But Thats it folks. Stay Safe