Wake up Said My Prayers and Prayer is In Working Progress and I.E.O.N It!

Published 05/22/2013 by vikkilarose

I Woke up And Said my Prayer and if God Is not an AlMighty God!.. Then Idk who is? I Maybe Struggling To maintain My Bills But the lord Knows Me And Know I Dont Need To B Walking Around W/ My Head Looking like Who did It and Why!.. But Thats Besides The point I Know Im going to get through the darkness w/ my hair done or not Bt He Send My savior to Me he Allowed Me To Call Her And set My Pride Aside and Allow her to Say She Will work with me and i can pay her as I Can. See These Days You dont get too many people Like This women I Know. She Know I Am A Women Of My word and will pay my debts. When I First Met Her It Was Like She Knew Exactly how my life was structure and how its being structured now. I Know Its More Out There Then Just getting blessed with a hair due; Thats Why I keep my lord on my side and Have My Spiritual faith I Walk with To get through life well At Least Im Practicing It. My Morning Has bn A Beautiful Morning Thus Far And Hope My Day Follow Right behind my Morning. Im Out ✌ till later folks


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