Getting my presskit Up

Published 05/21/2013 by vikkilarose

Been Struggling to Start anywhere dealing w/ becoming a known model. Trying to learn the business and get started on my presskit but I need lots of work. Right Now I Am looking for The baddest hair stylist, makeup artist and designer/stylist that Can Work w/ ya girl Vikki LaRose. If You Can help Me please comment Tweet or retweet.
A Little about myself My Name Is victoria Larose Wilson 5’6 20 years of age work and go to school and I Have my own Everything Car, Apartment,&& and A Boss Mentality Just dont Know how to make it Shine As Bright As I Want… I Want To Be A SuperStar Before I Am 25. I Want To Be Able to help All types of communities and do charity Work. i know It Take research and thats where I Am Starting At right now W/ my Smart phone. Once I Get My Funds Up I Will Proceed With Gettin my presskit up,y blogging Site, and More I Need to work on Getting up.. To Only Be 20yrs old I’ve live a life and I Wanna live To Tell My Story.
Vikki LaRose


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