Money x Full Metal Jacket Summer Collection

Published 07/01/2013 by vikkilarose

#Moneyclothing Nice style.

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Money Clothing unveil the second part of their summer collection collaboration with Philip Castle who is the iconic artist responsible for the imagery in the cult film Full Metal Jacket. You can check some of the pieces below and from their official website.

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Safe troubles

Published 07/01/2013 by vikkilarose

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Many things this safe could have been through May be worth lots of money. May have held over millions in this safe. Sitting in a random setting in the cut this safe might had skeletons falling out. Who knows what went on with this elderly Safe. 

Is the time spent worthwhile?

Published 07/01/2013 by vikkilarose

While I go Day by day Wondering if Every effort that I put into becoming a successful model and blogger is worthwhile I live paycheck to paycheck trying to figure out what exactly I want to pursue in my lifetime. My understanding is That I want to be a business woman Dont matter what it is I just want to be my own boss. But at this day and age I have to worry about whats coming at me right NOW. It’s hard for me to express and expand. I want to seek further help, but afraid, afraid of what my society might say when I cry out for help. Everyday I wake up, yes I’m thankful for another day, for all the bad things that goes on in this world I still stand with my head held high and do what I have to do as a human being. My soul is yearning but my mind isn’t where it should be. Yes, I’m young but I had to grow up fast a long time ago and I have a story to tell So those who have faith in me and know I am Somebody Roll with me and watch me work. To answer my own question yes This is worthwhile, and I’m going to make it Worth wanting to view, talk about and join. Majority Of my talk is going to be about the Urban World So if you in that world, My Site is where its going down at. Welp till Next time 🙂 I’m out peace!

Vikki La Rose

Ion Even feel safe In My own Place

Published 06/22/2013 by vikkilarose

Not lost for words bt Lost for Words…. One thing after another #Tragic…. Never ending As I Scroll through the newsfeeds of My Fbook Wall. Today Somebody love one was hurt badly at the walmart super-center Area in Greenville North Carolina The City I’ve been living in for 10yrs now, A place where my Mother move me to, to feel safe and secure as well to better herself. I Mean is it safe to breathe Na I dont think so. This world is becoming into many things We May not bare. As I Get through my Day its like nothing ever happen B/c God had his Angels above my friends and family and I. I Pray that everybody Was Okay and not more happen to them. I wish I can express my Life But Thats it folks. Stay Safe

Good Day

Published 05/29/2013 by vikkilarose

Hey you guys ik Its taking me awhile to get thinks started But im comin im comin need to save enough money to buy me a desktop in my home. Cause my phone is moving too slow for me to do anything and i dont wanna use a public computer Cause this my domain Im getting ready to build up! So Bare With me please!